Ensemble Táltos


Our group has been working as an active participant of the reborn folk music life in Hungary, since 1984.
Our principal aim is to introduce traditional folk music from the Hungarian speech area - from the Carpathian basin - and also to save its values, to show authentically its special, old sounds. There are numerous folk instruments and instrumental groups played during our presentations, showing their characteristic sounds and harmony. Furthermore, we also intend to form a special harmony of our play and our transcriptions, while stressing interesting sound of one or another instrument.
Basic instruments in our play are the well-known strings: violin, viola and the double-bass. These instruments are accompanied by other, less usual folk instruments as: hurdy-gurdy, koboz, zither and numerous wind -and strum instruments. On our programs we are often making known these instruments and their handling in the folk-music practice. We play on concerts, in dance-houses within our country and also ab

Ensemble Táltos
The ensemble's members:
Katalin Bennő
- hurdy-gurdy, flute, zither
József  Boldizsár
- violin, viola
  Attila Kostyák
- violin, viola
Balázs Nagy (hurdy-gurdy maker)
- hurdy-gurdy, koboz, viola, tambura
István Tóth - doublebass


  Downloadable Tunes:
NAGY Balázs
Mobil: +36 30 3980530
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Download sound "Bodor Katalina" ballade
Download sound "Szerelem, szerelem" lirical song from Moldavia
Download sound Romanian Dance from Bukovina
Download sound "Csárdás" and "Friss" from Bogyiszló